OVER VERT: Gagging + Swallowing: Cassette

Something about the riff and vocal delivery on the track, “The Stranger” reminded me of Nirvana’s tune, “Negative Creep.” So I examined this tape closer and found out Steve Albini recorded it. (Now I know Albini didn’t record Nirvana’s song “Negative Creep,” but it was a strange coincidence.) In reality, it’s hard for me to pin an influence on Over Vert’s sound, but it’s definitely some thrashy hardcore. It’s similar to the band Deep Sleep. Nothing here is played sloppily and everything hits hard, but Over Vert never progresses into sing-a-long pop choruses. These guys don’t rest on their laurels by just pummeling out straight-ahead power chords. Their riffs are always a bit more spaced-out sounding and droning so their tunes wouldn’t necessarily appeal to a pop crowd. Their song, “Burning An Eye” does a good job lyrically to describe what these guys and their music is all about: “There is a house with a joyous sound that keeps my ears ringing underground.” If you’re into thrash, get this tape.

 –N.L. Dewart (Five Ten Tapes)