Was Panic ever a big metal label or am I remembering wrong? Anyway, this Outrage CD does seem to lean towards metal a smidge, although I’d chalk it up more generally to hardcore. I can see some meathead jocks getting into it, trying to get pits going and that kind of thing. It’s nothing really new, nothing terribly unexpected. It’s not bad. They’re totally competent, but it doesn’t excite me. There are some slow breakdowns and some fast parts; it’s kinda East Coast-sounding to me. The singer is, at least, apparently pretty young, so if the rest of the band is as well, I can see them going into something more interesting as they progress. I liked the short stop at the end of the first song, some cool rhythms in the sixth song, and the different sounding vocals (singing through something, anyway) on the last song. A solid effort.

 –Jennifer Federico (Panic)