OUTDOORSMEN: Drunk Driving: 7"

Jul 21, 2011

From the mysterious new ClownCollege label with no insert and no address on the sleeve, comes this brutally scummy two-song garage record. Outdoorsmen are from the Bay Area and they remind me a lot of a less-refined version of Spider Babies, if it’s appropriate to call the Spider Babies “refined.” Ultra fuzzy lo-fi riffs accompany fun, rough GG-esque lyrics. The garage punk revival of the 1990s rarely produced records this great. Hopefully, Outdoorsmen have a new full-length in them soon. The goofy cover art is a total class act and would make for a great coloring book project for schoolchildren. Johnny needs to color in his decapitated roadside illustration tonight.

 –Art Ettinger (Clown College, myspace.com/clowncollegerecords)