OUT ON A LIMB: Drowned: LP

Nov 15, 2011

Out On A Limb are from Germany and play slightly-slower-than-mid-tempo post punk. The band claim Joy Division as an influence, which I hear a little bit, but the danceable drum parts remind me of the Cure for some reason. The feel of the record itself leans more towards bands like Heroin/Unwound/other early ‘90s Gravity Records offerings, but the post punk influences creep up and become a lot more apparent at times, which makes the listening experience more interesting. The vocals are clean and sort of just hint at melody, and fit in well with the music. I kept feeling that the vocals sounded a lot like another band I couldn’t place until I decided that the accent just reminded me a lot of the Peacocks. The production on the whole record is very subdued, which fits the sound, and the mixing is excellent.

 –Ian Wise (Taken By Surprise)

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