OUT OF TUNE: Discontent Producers: CD

Jan 07, 2008

This was a bit of a surprise. Considering this band is from Finland, one would expect a wee bit more of a Discharge influence than there is, but they seem to have instead opted to up the metal quotient. Normally, that would be the kiss of death for these ears, but instead of hackneyed chugga-chugga riffs and forays into the cock rock borderlands, the metal manifests itself here in off-kilter rhythms and Marshalls that are more pummel than chugga. I’ll admit I was definitely put off by their mention that they’ve been compared to NOFX, and that’s certainly buried in there somewhere, but they manage to skirt falling into the dreaded cookie-cutter abyss and deliver something that I may not be crazy about, but I am respectfully intrigued by. Not bad, overall.

 –jimmy (www.out-of-tune.net)