OUT COLD: Will Attack If Provoked: CD

Aug 09, 2009

I’ll make this as short as their CD. Out Cold have picked up the torch that Negative Approach extinguished when they broke up. No small feat. No short time in coming, they’ve apparently been around for years and years. But, get this: they springboard beyond the shadow cast by NA. They’re more brutal, heavier, faster and angrier than any other band that I’ve heard in a long, long time. And behind the thrall are some fast-locking, oddly melodic instrument interplays that separates them from pure thrash, blurcore, any semblance of pop, and puts them in a very rare league indeed: straight-ahead, non-reflexive hardcore. By the strength of this CD and a tape Jimmy Alvarado made me, I’m in the process of ordering their entire back catalog. They lay waste to all that metally, grab-yo’-nuts play acting, and all that “weren’t the early ‘80s great?-core” that’s been replaying a little bit too close to history as of late, and get down to brazen business. Fourteen songs, nineteen minutes and five seconds long.

 –todd (Acme)

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