Sep 25, 2007

Out Cold: I believe one of the most underrated punk bands out there. They should be as popular among the punks as Fucked Up. I think they are that good. I have yet heard a bad release from this band. I should see patches on every punk out there with their band name. Location might be a problem, since they live in Massachusetts. Another great set of songs from this veteran band: three songs of early-‘80s-inspired punk that can burn a hole in concrete. The music is tight and well crafted that it doesn’t sound generic. At the same time, you can feel the aggression in their output. Bill Bondsmen: A band that I haven’t heard before but I know they have some releases out there because I have seen the name around. If this is what the band sounds like, I want to hear more. The music is sort of unpredictable. They jerk and pull, go from tight and melodic to spastic on a dime. Slow, fast, medium, fast, slow—punk rock that is challenging, pushing the limits of the mediocre. Their two songs of organized chaos just boggled my mind. I just added this band to the shopping list.

 –don (Schizophrenic)