Jul 21, 2015

On the one side, Ouais has sweet, warm guitars, soft drumming, ‘90s indie rock feel with moody, and droney vocals that build into a crescendo of shouts. It’s a two piece from Pittsburgh whose name means “yeah” in French and is pronounced like “way.” I was definitely more interested in the Ouais’ side of this split, as Secret Paper Moons is lead by rather warbled vocal stylings that are often off key, and that is not my jam. The vocals actually make it pretty unlistenable for me, which is unfortunate since the rest of the band has this cool shoegaze-y, indie vibe going on. I’d say that the two tracks from Ouais, versus three from Secret Paper Moon, more than make up for my feelings of the latter. Tapes are a limited run and spooled on lavender cassettes with a rather brief insert. 

 –Kayla Greet (Dot Dot Dash / Richard Magnelli)

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