OSMANTIKOS: Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions: 7”

Jan 31, 2008

Malaysian punks who probably deserve to have their patches on crust punk buttflaps all over this country. Take note: fans of Havoc Records or Urban Guerilla Zine would probably eat this shit up. They’re lyrically utilizing some fairly spotty English—is it ethnocentric of me to even consider suggesting bands sing in their native language, maybe with English translations?—but they include some really heartfelt, sincere, DIY-lovin’ song explanations, which makes up for it. As far as the music, I was going to mention stuff like Discharge, Dischange, Disorder, etc. Or the relentlessness of that there kick drum, or the Swamp-Thing-getting-shivved-under-the-bed vocals, or maybe the really nice guitar work and pick slides on “Backway System.” I was going to. Instead, I’ll just mention that the three weird aliens/rats on the cover that apparently constitute likenesses of the band members are wearing Makiladoras, From Ashes Rise, and Extinction Of Mankind T-shirts, respectively. That should give you an idea.

 –keith (Bacon Towne)