OSK: Wretched Existence/Bleak Future 2007-2010: CD

Jul 23, 2012

My appreciation for the lion’s share of grindcore withered away relatively quickly, mainly due to the fact that so much of it was so poorly recorded and comprised of limited variations on the same template, resulting in entire slabs of wax with thirty-five tracks of the same cats playing as fast as possible while some other cat yowls in exactly the same fashion track after track. Very small doses and I’m down with it; any longer, it all becomes a faceless blur, and I want a bit more from any extended listening experience. Though much of what’s here falls well within the borders of “boogadaboogadaROOOAAARRRR” land, they have enough sense to change things up frequently enough so that individual songs and ideas can be discerned. The fact that it’s recorded cleanly enough to make out what the fuck’s going on just pushes it over into the “worth a listen” territory.

 –jimmy (To Live A Lie, tolivealie.com)

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