OS HAXIXINS: Self-titled: CD

OS Haxixins is a Brazilian band on Get Hip Records. Like a lot of indie labels, Get Hip has a built-in audience. So, if you like straightforward garage rock (and Get Hip’s roster), then OS Haxixins are your boys. These guys play on ‘60s equipment, take band shots in homage to Love’s De Capo record, and adorn their debut album with cover art in the vein of the 13th Floor Elevators’ flyers. You almost have to hand it to the group. OS Haxixins quite obviously love this Nuggets riff-raff more than most Americans, and it has to be hard to get this shit across to Brazilian audiences (although I know the Ramones were demigods there). Personally, the by-the-numbers garage rock revival movement does nothing for me. I love Easter Everywhere and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn more than my mother, which is why I’m not into the codification of Roky Erickson and Syd Barrett’s music. The music of the ‘60s was revolutionary; it embodied the anything-goes lifestyle of the time, with new inventions like the Moog synthesizer and phasing techniques expanding the capabilities of music. So the fetish to replicate a time in music that was anything but staid—down to the T—is both perplexing and annoying.

 –ryan (Get Hip)