ORPHANS, THE: Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead: CD

May 20, 2008

Rock and roll is at a weird place right now. It’s kind of disheartening to know that there are bands out there that cite Led Zeppelin and Nirvana as major influences. I don’t get it. Those bands sucked the first time, so why would I want to hear some hipster fop in vintage jeans regurgitate some half-assed ripoff? I don’t know. All I know is that this Orphans album will kick you in the dick and you’ll ask for seconds. Rock and roll hasn’t sounded this vital in a long time. It kind of sounds like an old Dangerhouse punk band like the Avengers spliced in with the whoopass-o-rama of the Motards, but mostly it just sounds like the Orphans. Blood, sweat, and barbecue vomit, all rolled up in one neat little package. 

 –josh (Unity Squad)

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