ORGAN, THE: Sinking Hearts: CDEP

Jul 21, 2009

After the self-release of The Organ's two-song 7" earlier this year, everyone in VancouverBC knew they were bound to be something special. Imagine if The Smiths and Joy Division became one, and were all women. This is what you'd get. Numbed, soft, and delicate-at-times vocals backed by that Johnny Marr jangly guitar, thick carrying bass, and drums that give you the feel of ‘60s trash rock, and of course – an organ. The Organ is the second vocalist of the band, leading every track to the next. The standout tracks have got to be "It's Time to Go," (which also appears on their self titled 7") and the title track, "Sinking Hearts"; songs about romance and rock n' roll. Numbing at times, the lyrics are simple but painfully expressive, "Remember when I left you/ I couldn't say your name/ or other crucial things like I love you/  oh, that’s a shame." (from "Sinking Hearts.") Alright, start writing those bitter love letters and diary entries. This album will have girls dancing with boys, boys dancing with boys, and girls dancing with girls. –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Global Symphonic)