Aug 09, 2009

Street ambience. French speaking, street punk band from... Canada! Did you think France? I did, until I saw in tiny (I mean tiny) print in the insert. What do I have here? One singer with a mohican and the full charged gear, another female singer – a femme fatale with a good voice – and rounding off the band is the bassist, drummer and guitarist. Tough, working class lads, I presume. Musically, they are very melodic with a stripped down sound that falls within the parameter of what is currently defined as street punk. You could easily place this amongst bands from France in the early ‘80s and wouldn’t know the difference. Sing-a-long choruses with the dual vocals make for a toe tapping good time. Lyrically, I have no clue, since it is all sung in French. I personally took Spanish in high school. I didn’t think I would use French much in a predominantly Latino environment. If they are singing about ignorant shit, I’m going to be pissed. I won’t research it any further so as not to spoil my enjoyment.

 –don (Combat Rock)

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