ORDER: Kickball: 5-song 7” EP

Nov 28, 2006

Oh man, this is all over the place. Here’s a partial list of the bases they touch: electro-folk, drum machine hymnal, rap, art, and indie rock. It’s not without its brief charms, but the splattering of the influences just choggles me. In their approach, they remind me of the Mean Reds—mostly interested in the blender, or “making something new,” not the ingredients being chucked into the blender. I just don’t hear enough internal digestion (collage isn’t just ripping something out, it’s putting it back in a new context is where the art is) or self-identity (which is ironic, since they’re trying so hard to be different). So, if you want a single band sounding like a regional comp of truly unalike music (including a barely recognizable Who cover), then Order fits that request.

 –todd (Blood On The Drash)