ORDEN MUNDIAL: Obediencia Debida: LP

Nov 21, 2014

The opening chords on Orden Mundial’s second album are enough to make the dead sit up and wonder “What the fuck?” The tone of the guitar is instantly invasive and at times the six strings feature a similar quality, both in sound and in some of the solos, as was heard on GBH’s first two albums—a sound that I love. Those chords herald the beginning of a seventeen minute onslaught from this Mallorcan band, an attack that is akin to standing in front of a light heavyweight boxer, with each of the ten tracks representing the rounds of a championship bout. The mid-paced tracks are when the pugilist tries to weaken the opponent using stiff body shots that cause the guard to be dropped. The more blitzkrieg style songs are the knock out punches, directed straight for the head with an intensity that seems never-ending—allowing for no effective defense to be deployed in response—thus resulting in either submission or a bloodied ending. Lyrics are in Castilian but I’m betting they’re full of anti-authority/anti-establishment sentiment given the hardcore maelstrom bursting out of my speakers. There’s some great live footage of this band on the internet, too, if you’re interested in seeing Orden Mundial in action. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (La Vida Es Un Mus, lavidaesunmus.com)