ORANGE: Welcome to the World of...: CD

Jun 22, 2007

This CD is for those of you who are in love with Rancid and the American Idiot Green Day of today, but are now looking for something new to blast in your car. The CD showcases what you’ve come to expect from Hellcat: amazing production and catchy songs from beginning to end. From the looks of the pictures on the layout, these kids are still in high school. Yeah, still pink in the cheeks and all… oh wait, that’s blush and lipstick. Whose mane did they have to stroke in order to ride the Hellcat? That’s what I wanna know! Either way, I hope these kids have not become egomaniacs since signing to an Epitaph imprint. And I hope they understand what sort of privilege it is to have music they created at such a young age propelled to ninety percent of the music stores all over the world and that—despite what talent they might or might not have—someone has given them a huge fucking chance that not many people get. Orange, I expect to see more politics and more “doin’ it for the kids” on the next album, or it’ll be (in the unforgettable words of UHF’s Stanley Spadowski) tossed like a bag of moldy tangerines!

 –mrz (Hellcat)