ORANGE COAX: Self-titled: 10”

Nov 18, 2011

I thought I had heard the punk spectrum, but, I’ll admit, band geek rejects playing jazz/trash/punk is a new one. It could be best described as psycho clown music or angry seal music; take your pick. It’s hard to escape from the sax as a honking horn metaphor. There’s no guitar, no piano, no rhythm section to speak of, just the haunting barks of a lone sax played over a manic drummer and a screeching vocalist. Honestly, one of the worst records I’ve ever heard. Whatever the fuck this record is trying to be is completely lost on me. All I can see is a horrible mess of noise and frustration with hints of true intent. If you want music that grabs your attention, you could maybe find some solace in this, but for my taste the gold isn’t worth the treasure hunt.

 –Bryan Static (Self-released, no address)