OPPOSITION RISING: Aftermathematics LP + Get off Your Ass Get off Your Knees EP: CD

May 06, 2015

A CD reissue of their Get off Your Ass Get off Your Knees EP and Aftermathematics LP, released 2013 and 2011, respectively. Truth be told, “angry political punk” is as dicey these days as most of the other cubbyholes that fall under the “punk” banner, so, naturally, I was a bit skeptical when approaching this. True to form, a lot of the expected subject matter—class war, religion, war, and other examples of how fucked up society is in the twenty-first century and calls to revolt against it all—is in evidence, but instead of ladling out more of the insipid, watered-down U.S. variant of “street punk” that seems all the rage among the perfectly coiffed and Manic Panic-colored parrot punk contingent, they back up specific gripes with some tasty (mostly) mid-tempo punk/hardcore delivered with enough verve that those of us who find ourselves a bit more cynical might be swayed to believe they actually mean what they’re saying. I know that might come off as a backhanded compliment, but believe me it’s not. Too often anymore “fuck the system” is more a punk conceit than conviction, and while I can’t profess to know these cats or where their heads are at, the tunes here are put across in such a way as to come off more the latter, which makes all the difference, even when they divert off in an occasional reggae direction. 

 –jimmy (Profane Existence / Opposition)