OPERATION S: Self-titled: CD

Oct 08, 2004

French new wave, sung in French, featuring the Cecilia, the vocalist of the nicely trashy No Talents. Operation S remind me of early Siouxsie and the Banshees with a keyboard that wiggles and slinks with darkness instead of being a type of bright and bopping razor wire as wielded by the current crop of Northwest new wave/punk rippers. Operation S's songs are something I imagine playing in a bar of the future, like in Bladerunner. Androids. Droning. Cold. Mixed drinks that are more costly than 12ers of cheap beer. People with clothes more expensive than my car. A party I'm not really invited to. Many of the songs are super repetitive, too. Overall, it's okay. I thought I'd like it more.

 –todd (Broken)