Mar 08, 2010

The “Vs.” between the bands’ names on the cover positions this split not as a collaboration, but as a competition. Open Casket’s first song features the sort of casually angry vocals that I find endearing. It’s sort of an armchair angry, a “Damn it I wish I had more root beer!” angry, rather than an “I’m gonna gut you and eat your intestines” angry. It’s the kind of angry you can get behind pretty easily when you’re sitting around listening to records. OC’s second song is sung by a different band member. It’s about falling out with a former bandmate and offers these fantastic lyrics: “Spent the money from the last show. I know that was wrong. I bought a bong.” Scrabble Robot’s songs on the flip are perfectly acceptable, but about halfway through the first one I found myself really anxious to go back and listen to the Open Casket side again. So I guess I’ve picked a winner. It should be noted that this is a beautiful package, with an amazing full-color cover, green vinyl, and a comic strip insert which, by the way, also depicts Open Casket as the winner of the competition.

 –mp (Mortville)