ONSIND: Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice: 10” EP

When I mention a band is feminist and acoustic I know a lot of you will automatically consider that a big bag of suck and probably try and trip me when I walk past you. I get it, I know. Understanding that, I still want to shove these four songs down all your throats, knowing you’ll eventually thank me for punching your esophagus with my personal tastes in music. Don’t believe me? Each song is about a female character from four movies: Mildred (Nurse Ratchet) from One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Margie from Fargo, Annie from Misery, and Clarice from Silence of the Lambs. So it’s smart, catchy, fun, very well written, and full of movie references. If you were listening to me talk, instead of just reading this in my voice, this is part where I grab you by your shoulders and shake you violently while proclaiming, “This is my favorite EP of the year!” very loudly in your narrow-minded face. –Donna Ramone

 –guest (Plan-It-X, onsind.bandcamp.com)