ONO: Albino: LP

Despite their having roots dating back to the ‘80s, and I have a few releases that one of their previous labels put out back in that halcyon decade, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this band. I guess what they do could be defined as “music” in the strictest sense—they primarily employ traditional instruments, there’s a guy singing and a discernible beat exists—but what they do within those parameters sounds more like a bunch of rhinos zonked outta their minds on brain-melting drugs running riot in a recording studio. A potent cocktail of industrial-inspired noise, blues, gospel, drone, skronk, psychedelia, and the Velvet Underground—their cover of “All Tomorrow’s Parties” is downright hypnotic. So many moods ‘n’ sounds mish-mashed back and forth that sometimes you dunno what to feel. It definitely ain’t for the squeamish, and I imagine a whole swath of casual listeners would be bored silly, but if it tickles yer fancy, I’m bettin’ green you’ll be playin’ it often.

 –jimmy (Moniker)