ONLY THUNDER: Lower Bounds: CD

Mar 03, 2009

Sometimes, I feel bad for bands that miss the boat. I feel bad when a band decides on a style of music, puts everything it has into doing that style justice, and never considers the fact that the bandwagon was abandoned long ago. I mean, the whole Hot Water Music bearded emocore thing happened a decade ago, didn’t it? There was a brief period during which tons of copycats put out records. At that time, this Only Thunder CD probably would have been eaten up by kids who couldn’t get enough of the style. But what about now? Do people want to hear a band that doesn’t have anything new to add to the sound? Or do they just want to listen to the discs they’ve been listening to for years? If it were me, I would have waited another ten years. You’ve got to give people enough time to forget.

 –mp (Bermuda Mohawk)