ONLY FUMES AND CORPSES: Who Really Cares What Really Lasts: CD

Jan 11, 2011

Hey, look at this. There are still people making cheesy screamo metalcore. Yeah, I know. I thought that whole fad reached its conclusion years ago too, but, apparently, these guys disagree. Oh. Shh. Here they come. Don’t say anything. Ha. Shh. Oh, hi OFAC. Ha-ha-ha. No, I’m not laughing at you. How could I possibly laugh at something with so much heart, so much emotional depth. I mean, that first line: “This is your cross to bear, this is my axe to grind.” So original. So deep. Ha-ha-ha. I’m sorry. I can’t even keep a straight face. But no, keep doing what you’re doing. Walking clichés that actually incorporate clichés into lyrics? Brilliant.

 –mp (Underground Movement)