ONLY CRIME: Virulence: CD

Mar 14, 2007

Here’s another recent punk rock super group, which features members of Good Riddance (who I was kinda into in high school), Bane (who I wasn’t really into much in high school), and Descendents (who I was way into in high school). As you can imagine, this sounds like a culmination of all the members’ previous bands mixed together, and I’ll say that it’s best moments are like if later era Black Flag got into a fight with later era ALL songs and completely beat the shit out of them (but did so in the best possible way), leaving you with something that keeps a great balance between catchy, frantic pop punk—that is still a bit pissed off and unsettling—yet keeps a decent groove, and, frankly, is just a bit fucked up (again; in the best possible way). I’m glad this got sent my way.

 –joe (Fat)