ONLY CRIME: To the Nines: CD

Nov 20, 2008

A new all-star hybrid has been created. Russ Rankin of Good Riddance fame searches for an outlet to express himself when an impending hiatus of his band is imminent. He first finds a taker in Aaron Dalbec of the band Bane. There is the first guitarist. Next, the brothers, Zach and Donivan, from Hagfish add another guitarist and bassist. So while a band is being created, Russ has a conversation with Bill Stevenson about his project. Biff, bam, boom! He is interested and now the project is complete with the addition of Bill on drums. I was apprehensive of this record at first. High expectations can taint the first listen. So I held back for awhile before listening. On first listen, this band sounds very similar to later period Good Riddance. I was expecting more of a metal, hardcore sound from the guitars. But, the thought here is more of a Black Flag meets Bl’ast! sound that Good Riddance was gravitating to. Heavy, without going into the trappings of playing metal. If you pay attention to drumming in recordings, the drumming is amazing. Bill is a banger, and at the same time, a technician. The rest of the band has the sound of a band playing together for many years even though they have been together for less than one. My thinking is now that Good Riddance is no more, this new band will carry on, leaving no regrets for the demise of its past music.

 –don (Fat)

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