ONLY CRIME: Pursuance: LP/CD

Jul 26, 2014

At last! Only Crime has finally released an album worthy of its constituent parts. I don’t like the phrase “supergroup,” but when you have members of Descendents, Good Riddance, Bane, and Modern Life Is War in a band then expectations are bound to be high. Previous releases have been okay but not to a level that would get me excited enough to buy tickets for a school night 250 mile round trip to see the band, but Pursuance did that after just a handful of plays. This has the clout you’d expect with Bill Stevenson behind the drums and the twin guitars add a hefty wall of sound to proceedings. I also believe that Russ Rankin’s vocals are better in Only Crime than they are in Good Riddance, which is a major plus point, too. The expected synergy has been realized, resulting in some exceptional melodic hardcore—all killer, no filler. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Rise)

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