ONIONS, THE: “Alien Astronaut” b/w “Till the End of the Night”: 7”

…I like head onion/onion head Brad X ((you might remember him from such movies as Last Sons of Krypton and The Smuts)). He’s kind of an abrasive fuck, but he lives his life solely for purposes of getting wasted and creating rock ‘n’ roll, and that is a noble state of being, as far as i can tell. “Alien Astronaut” sounds like Crime doing a post-first-two-albums UK Subs cover; “Till the End of the Night” is a smashy cock-rock number about how Brad likes to drink beer, smoke weed, and drink shots. Nice sleeve. I think I’ll wear it on Halloween and scare the neighbor kids. BEST SONG: “Alien Astronaut” BEST SONG TITLE: “Alien Astronaut” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record is on colored vinyl, but i would be hard-pressed to state what exactly color it is.

 –norb (Certified PR)