ONION FLAVORED RINGS: Unraveling the Past: The First Two Records on One Tape!: cassette

Nov 15, 2011

At last! Another way to listen to one of the best bands in the past decade! Two albums on one cassette! My enthusiasm is not muted by the fact that one of these albums has already been released on cassette! No, this band is so amazing that the mere existence of anything Onion Flavored Rings is the cause for great rejoicing! If you haven’t heard this band, allow me to suggest that your present situation is not unlike that of a person who has not heard Dillinger Four or Radon or Screeching Weasel or, dare I say it, Hüsker Dü. You have not heard Steve Funyon sing about quantum physics (“Now we’re in a universe expanding/And it might expand until forever/Or it might collapse back into nothing/But what did the Big Bang bang on?”)! You have not heard the perfection that is Mr. Funyon’s vocals, Erick Lyle’s (formerly Iggy Scam) drumming and Paul Curran’s bass playing and back-up vocals. The general pop-driven nature of this band might lead a casual listener to overlook the dark lyrical content (for example, “I like you to think I hate everyone/But I just hate myself.”), but that’s what makes the Onion Flavored Rings more than just another SF punk band. You can listen to this when you’re happy and want to host an impromptu one-person dance party or you can listen to this when you’re so depressed that you don’t even want to eat Lucky Charms. It’s dark, it’s poppy, it’s introspective. It’s one of my top ten favorite bands of all time. Did I mention that I love this band?

 –maddy (Dead Broke)