ONION FLAVORED RINGS: Two Minutes' Enlightenment: LP

Jun 22, 2007

That first Onion Flavored Rings album didn’t leave my turntable for a long, long time. There was something about the way that fuzzy, sloppy pop tumbled out of speakers on top of some of the most self-loathing lyrics I’ve ever heard. So right away, Two Minutes’ Enlightenment has a tough act to follow, but they pull through pretty well. I think I still like the first one better, if only for the rougher production and sloppier, more enthusiastic playing. All the elements of their old stuff are still there, just polished up a bit more—not a bad thing, but it’s like getting Eternally Yours when you’re expecting (I’m) Stranded, you know? Still, they’re one of the best bands to come out of the East Bay in recent years (you can practically smell the El Farolito burritos while this record is playing) and this is a really good album.

 –josh (No Idea)