Mar 17, 2008

When I was a kid, I went through a stage where I’d wear a tie with a sweatshirt and sing the soundtrack to Godspell. I hope some kid out there is doing the same nowadays, but their clued-in parents have been following the anti-cult stylings of Onion Flavored Rings. For such Parasites-sounding poppiness that’s coming out of the speakers, there are some bleak, existential, what’s-the-point? we-all-become-dust lyrics that pervade their two songs. (“Like a raindrop/ All alone I’m falling.”) The Onion Flavored Rings have been a slow grow for me, but I’m warming up to them due to that dynamic. Gives ‘em a little depth. The Future Virgins: I hope that this doesn’t sound creepy, but if I’m sure that the world’s gonna end at a specific time, I’m going to crank the Future Virgins and shoot myself in the head in the middle of one of their songs. Might as well die happy, screaming along with the endorphins pumping: the perfect blend of ache and joyousness, of The Bananas and rat-tumored, bring-more-beer Chattanooga, of experience gained by royally fucking up in the long run for all the right reasons. The cover art has me scratching my head, though.

 –todd (1234 Go!)