Jan 13, 2010

Science me this: is there a process or a material that instantly converts light rays into dark voids? Maybe something that turns bubblegum into lumps of coal? Because if one was to listen to solely Onion Flavored Rings’ music and the lyrics were indistinguishable, one could make the argument that this 7” is one, big, fuzzy teddy bear that inhales cotton candy and poos glitter puff paint rainbows. Yet, this is not so. The lyrics are bleak, broken, and destructive. Relationships are holocausted left and right and the radiation continues to sicken even distant memories. Just change the color of a condiment and it fundamentally changes. Funny is the black tartar sauce of pop punk and it’s Onion Flavored Rings’ swan song. OFR are dead. Long live OFR.

 –todd (Thrillhouse)