ONES, THE: Shame Shame Shame b/w Tunin’ in Tokyo: 7”

Nov 10, 2008

I can’t tell if they’re trying out some originals before they go full-on into their six-hour rendition of Zappa’s “Plastic People” or if they’re just trying to get airtime on their local classic rock station. Either way, there’s just way too much of a flagrant “we’re a quirky rock’n’roll band, look at us!” feel to this thing. You know how the Murder City Devils almost had a convoluted Lynyrd Skynyrd southern rock approach on some of their later songs? Post In Name and Blood, I mean. Well, consider the Ones to be the Murder City Devils Ultra Lite. All the weirdness with none of the threat. I feel bad for the guitarist; he’s wearing a Poison Idea shirt and you can’t help but wonder if a band of this nature is particularly suited for a guy who would wear something like that. (Endnote: I just read a review of this record in MRR and it turns out a guy in this band actually was IN Poison Idea. Not sure what he’s doing in this band, but one does wonder. Helping out a sick friend live out his last dream of rock’n’roll stardom? Fulfilling his community service obligations? Regardless, knowing at least one band member’s pedigree still doesn’t manage to improve this record, even a little.)

 –keith (Snakehead (no address))

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