ONES, THE: Self-titled: CD + 7”

A reissue of the band’s “one” and only 7”, “Short Dress,” b/w “Tight Rope,” plus a full CD of other stuff ((take that, Razorcake formatting conventions!)) this 1978-80 Milwaukee band slots in nicely as the regional proto-punk equivalents to La Peste when they’re at their most sophisticated ((“Tightrope,” “All Screwed Up,”)), to the Dictators when they’re at their dumbest ((“Short Dress,”)) and Unnatural Axe all the other times ((“The Dog Said Yeah,” “Disco Sucks”)). I trace this Boston-heavy evolutionary pattern back either to the Boston Braves’ move to Milwaukee in 1965, or irrepressible global zeitgeist, take your pick. Either way, this is a Levi’s®-load of solid rock-punk from dudes who look like Metal Mike used to look in the ‘70s! Thanks to extensive liner notes, my only question is where does Jason Ross FIND this shit??! BEST SONG: “I’m Normal/No Turn on Red.” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Dog Said Yeah.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The single was originally released on Blue Ribbon Records, which appears to be the first time, to my knowledge, a punk band co-opted the Pabst™ logo for their own devious ends.

 –norb (Rerun/Hyped To Death)