ONE TIME ANGELS: …Tricks and Dreams: CDEP

May 27, 2009

This is a six song offering from a melodic rock band hailing from California. I’m pretty sure that this is Doug from Screw32 on vocals and guitar. I have no reference point for this, because it’s not the kind of music I ordinarily listen to. The tempos are midpaced but things pick up considerable in the second half. The songs are definitely well structured and the vocal hooks are smart and well placed. It might interest some people that Jesse Michaels sings backup vocals on this. The guitar work is also interesting. The fourth song, “Two Steps to the Edge,” really grabbed me, as it has a sort of mod-meets-XTC feel to it. I’ll definitely put this song on a mix tape this summer. I would definitely recommend this to fans of post-punk melodic rock. –Yemin

 –guest (Lookout!)