Mar 17, 2008

Whenever I see a whale on the cover art for a record, I automatically wonder how hippy-dippy the record will be. And is it just me, or do prog rock bands put an inordinate amount of whales on their record covers? I’m not claiming that O.S.S.F.L. are a prog rock band, but their brand of rock’n’roll is a whole lot more complex than this three-chord simpleton can properly describe (and it’s not hippy-dippy). So, out of laziness or stupidity, I turn to the Mighty Onesheet: “angular-yet-driving guitar lines, tangling…catchy-yet-sophisticated songs” with “jazzy, rapid-fire drums and an explosively propulsive bass line.” That sums up the tunes, and in the end I liked how it all came together. Imagine eating a really tasty cheeseburger in a five-star restaurant: simple, solid food with a wonderfully complex and ornate presentation.

 –Eric Carlson (Civil Defense League,

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