ONE RIVER: A Breathing Will: 7”

Mar 16, 2003

With my first look on the band name, I figured they would be a ‘90s grunge Sub Pop band or modern day emo. But while doing some shopping at Some Strange Music, I was told that I would really like this. I gave it a shot. If I wasn’t told about this, I would have never had bought it. Once the needle dropped, I got slapped back to reality with a burst of thrash that made my eyes water. I need to sit down for this one! The music is so intense from these Japanese masters. Songs blow past my ears like a quick gust of wind that suddenly disappears. The vocals are passionate and screamed to the breaking point. The music encourages and compliments their assault. And all this comes with a well put together package which includes a fold out cover, sticker and even a printed record sleeve. A big thanks to Matt Average for the tip!

 –don (Revive)