ONE REASON: Defiance, Ohio: 7”

Oct 09, 2006

If you’ve ever listened to This Bike Is a Pipebomb and wished that the woman would sing more, then I have a record for you. One Reason take the right parts from American folk and country (and I mean real country, not the pop country that’s everywhere these days) and fuses them into punk rock seamlessly, much in the way This Bike Is a Pipebomb does. And, of course, it’s primarily bold, female vocals. I reviewed their full-length positively about a year ago, and that CD got a lot of turns in my stereo. I think this seven inch is even better. The songs are tighter, the vocals sound more confident, and there’s a good deal of variation between the four songs. I’m keeping my eye on this band.

 –sean (One Reason)

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