ONE DAY: Self-titled: 7"

Jul 14, 2011

This is one of those cases where low fidelity doesn’t help the songs much (the recording’s pretty tinny), but the care and aesthetic is otherwise entirely apparent: clear vinyl, hand-stamped labels, absolutely beautiful silk-screened covers. Seems a testament to a band making do with what they have, sonically and visually, and, for the most part, coming up aces. The lyrics are rife with a dragged-down melancholy, very I’m-immobilized-by-desperation-and-gloom type stuff. Given that, the whole thing still feels nicely strung together with basement sweat, half racks of sale beer, duct-tape guitar straps, and the potentially redemptive power of an amp turned to ten; One Day reminds me of a bleak-as-fuck Crimpshrine, and while the sound quality is less than ideal, the presentation’s thought out and the heart’s visible right there on the sleeve.

 –keith (Abandon Hope)