ON THE BRINK: Take Cover: CD

Jan 13, 2010

Take Cover is loaded with standard, at-the-speed-of-NOFX pop punk. This trio plays well, is recorded well, seems to have their act together, and there is nothing wrong with this band at all, but there is just nothing going on here for me. Every song on the album moves at the same pace. All the playing is so competent to the point where nothing stands out. This is dictionary-entry, hardcore-style pop punk album with songs titles like “Corruption,” “My Truth,” “Something to Lose,” “Damned from the Start.” There are bass breaks, vocal alone breaks, snare starts, melodic guitar runs, alternating singing (they all have good voices). Everything from the book is represented here. Not my thing, but they play well.

 –Billups Allen (Longshot)