OLEHOLE: Holemole: LP w/CD

Jan 14, 2009

First off, it’s pronounced “O-lay Mole-ay” and the album title is pronounced “Hole-ay Mole-ay”. Kind of stupid, I know, but, thankfully, the music makes up for it. Their sound is a mix of Hot Water Music and Red Animal War (especially on the vocals). It includes members of Burial Year and the Ghost and was recorded by one of the dudes from American Steel. The LP (in your choice of white or clear red) comes with the CD. The first track, “Gatekeeper,” isn’t necessarily the best song to start out with, as the singing vocals just sound silly after the fierce yelling with which it contrasts. And “Treble Hook” has a really annoying guitar part that it keeps coming back to. But beyond those two weaker tracks, there’s a good intensity and passion that comes from this band, the kind where you can tell they’re excited to be doing what they’re doing and believe in it. It’s been hard to figure the lyrics out. They require some thinking and I get a feel here and there about where they stand on things. From what I can tell, they like to question the traditional order of authority and the traditional order of things, and as someone who has been doing that a lot in my life lately, I can totally get behind that.

 –kurt (Underground Communique)

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