OLDE GHOST: If We Ever Get Out of This Alive: EP

Life can be circular with attitudes and fashions coming back around once the original purveyors have long since given up and the “kids” reinvent the wheel. Seems that we are in a ‘90s throwback era, which for any of us who lived through it, seems like a dreadful idea. Olde Ghost from Seattle is digging back into that hazy post straight edge era just before everyone went emo. I’m not knocking it, ‘cause I’m sure this lot are a bulldozer live. Off kilter Flag-esque riffs mixed with Swiz or maybe shit like Struggle and some of the mid period Revelation Records stuff. I take comfort in the known, the familiar, but while this checks all the “hardcore” boxes, it barely got my heart rate up and after the record disappeared back in its sleeve, I knew it would never see the light of day again. –Tim Brooks

 –guest (facebook.com/OldeGhost)