OLD MAN MARKLEY: Guts n’ Teeth: CD

May 26, 2011

This is a bit of an oddity. We have here a Fat Wreck release that could potentially be played on CMT or TNN, if it were still around. This isn’t punk with a distinct influence from some country music. This is a full-on modern bluegrass album that just happens to be played by a legion of punk rockers. Mainstream country is about as big a cesspool as Clear Channel-core rock, so it’s nice to hear some stuff with an Appalachian slant that doesn’t involve an excessive sheen of jingoism or enough mawkish sentimentality to make one want to join a Nordic black metal band. (Okay, “Song Songs” does get dangerously close to crossing the line on the sentimental thing though.) Simply put, this is a fun record. It’s the type of thing you could probably put on at a party with mixed company and not kill the buzz of people who are less accustomed to the noisier side of things.

 –Adrian Salas (Fat)