OLD GROWTH: Out of the Sand and into the Streets: LP

May 21, 2014

To be honest, this record didn’t move me even though I think it is pretty good. That’s not to say that its sentiments, rhythms, and tonalities are not for anyone, I simply did not find my pulse to be altered drastically when spinning this record. Having said that, for those who are into the punk-influenced proto-grunge of Mudhoney, or Neil Young’s Reactor, this record could be a welcome appearance in your life. Bass-heavy guitars, minor phrasings, tribal drums, simple mournful guitar solos, and melodic and yearning vocals—which recall traditional folk songs—bring this record to life. Whether it’s a reference to an economic system rife with inequity, or simply the cry of a struggling artist in the clutches of a capitalist world, I did find my heart quickening to the repeated lyric that comes later in the record: “where’s the money gone.” Worth a spin. 

 –Noah (Bakery Outlet/Echo Canyon, bakeryoutletrecords.com/echocanyonrecords.com)