OLD FLINGS: 2011 Demos: CDEP

Old Flings started as an attempt to put some muscle behind singer and acoustic guitarist Matt Evans. It turned into a legitimate band that has a Hot Water Music influence but with, perhaps, a little more indie and punk sound. It’s quite different than Evans’ hardcore punk band, Just Die! There’s nothing complicated or unique here, just six songs with strong, endearing vocals and a sound reminiscent of Liars Academy—which is probably why I find this release so up my alley—as I always thought they were a pretty underrated band. The fourth track, “Stranded,” is the one exception to this, with an acoustic sound and a contribution from someone who sounds like Cat Power (but I’m assuming is not). It’s a very beautiful song and serves as a nice break from the punk material. My one major complaint is that sometimes Evans’ vocals fall a bit flat and the lyrics, while not stupid, aren’t as powerful as they might be. Considering these are demos, though, they’re not too bad. I’d be interested in hearing what they do with a full-length.

 –kurt (Bitter Melody)