OKMONIKS, THE: Party Fever!!!: CD

Jul 25, 2008

My middle-time memory is awful. I’ll say stuff like, “A couple years back,” when it was over five, over a decade. The Okmoniks remind me of the best of Crypt and Estrus Records—bands that simultaneously plunged a direct heart shunt into the first beatings of rock’n’roll, yet didn’t fully ignore the ever-evolving now. You get a comforting bit of nostalgia in a nice, attitude-filled wrapper, so it didn’t seem like you were merely raiding musical mausoleums, but stumbling onto something undiscovered, cool, and not past its expiration date. Channeling the spirit of the Devil Dogs, Mummies, and the Trashwomen, the Okmoniks Farfisa-jump right into good company. Except much of that company stopped making music over a decade ago. I’m a sucker for this. If technology gets to the point where you can download songs and that activates a pizza being delivered to your door at the same time, man, that’s about the only thing I could think of that’d make this record even better. Crank it.

 –todd (Slovenly)

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