OKMONIKS: Rustle Up Some Action with the...: 7"

Jul 09, 2009

We get a lot of music at Razorcake that just seems to chase trends. A lot of trashy garage rock, a lot of new wave revival bands, stuff like that. Then, something like the Okmoniks comes along and it manages to dance circles around those trends and come out rocking. The Okmoniks play quirky garage rock that’s backed with an electric organ and a really bouncy rhythm section. And, boy, does it work. Rustle Up Some Action with the Okmoniks is a three-song seven inch that follows right along in style with their first seven inch, Rock’N’Roll with the Okmoniks. It’s great stuff. Side A and Side B are exactly the same, but I usually end up flipping this record every time I play it, just so I can finish dancing around my living room. I can’t wait until this band puts out a full-length.

 –sean (Lo-Fi)

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