OKMONICS, THE: Take a Spin with the Okmonics: EP

Feb 05, 2009

This here’s a busy bass player. He weaves, he bobs, he bangs, he rocks his prize fighter agile fingers through 3 songs of infectious, sweet yet unsappy punky pop – or is it poppy punk? Helene coos like a bird (of prey) and pounds keys like Jeff Monoman Connelly (minus, like 100 pounds). Guitarist Sammy is a Teen Beat layout waiting to happen! On drums is Sarah laying down the fat beats. This band’s really fun to watch live and they’re super duper cool. They played a fun filled set at Mr. T’s Bowl along with the Seeds on one of those rock-action packed nights here in Los Angeles and believe me, it’s nice to hear a band that isn’t trying to be The MC5 or The Stooges (excuse me, I love the aforementioned bands but can we please get on with it! Detroit Christ on a crust!). Okay, let me break it down like this: they’re like that band your big brother joined during his sophomore year at high school, but The Okmonics are much better because they probably listened to much better bands like The Troggs, The Lyres, The Devil Dogs, and maybe even that gay ass Gary Numan record your brother’s band tried to play along to. (If you’re over the age of 25 – replace “brother” in the above sentence to “you”). Word up, Tucson rocks!

 –nam (The Okmonics)

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