OIL!: Red, White & Boots + Bills to Pay b/w Pullin’ on the Boots: 7”

There are exactly two things that continuously propel America to the head of the pack on this mongrel burg we call Earth: Number one is our nation’s unwavering dedication to quality footwear in the workplace; Number two is our national obsession with, and our renowned proficiency at, the game of soccer. Oil! celebrates both crucial facets of our national character most magnificently, and who shall say them nay?! Stand tall, America! Oil! has got your back during the penalty kicks! BEST SONG: “Bills to Pay” BEST SONG TITLE: “Red, White & Boots” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record would have been better if all three songs were called “KILL DAVID FUCKING BECKHAM RIGHT NOW”

 –norb (Noma Beach)